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The key to mold prevention is obvious: controlling or preventing moisture.

Mold in your home isn’t where the fungus is supposed to grow.  Mold is a part of nature but in your home it can be very bad, especially when it grows undetected.

Mold spores spread easily and without professional help can’t usually be fully eliminated.  Most people try bleach which can actually feed the mold.

Mold has the potential to end up just about anywhere it wants.  All around your home and worst behind drywall in your house.  Leaky condensation pipes or drains are often culprits. 

Mold not only is costly to remediate but it can cause some health issues like we have already discussed on previous pages.  Don’t compromise your health. If you suspect you have mold contact Mold Doctor Pro immediately. Let us help you determine what exactly is the problem.  We have the training and the proper tools. 

As once said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” so preventing mold is the key to the problem in the first place, and the way you do that is the source: moisture control.

Mold Doctor Pro can help you strategize and make the proper adjustments needed for your home or business to prevent mold.  Here are just a few things to consider.

Get rid of wet areas and spills immediately. Mold can’t grow without moisture so getting rid of these trouble areas is critical.   After a heavy rain or leaky pipe or even a spill on the carpet should be dried immediately.  Remove carpet after a flood, but more importantly you need a professional at that point

Let Mold Doctor Pro help you identify problems and correct them.  You can make your home mold resistant but not mold proof usually.  If you see a water stain, it’s probably a potential threat.  HVAC units are designed to manage condensation but sometimes the rubber around the pipes is torn or altogether missing.  Gutter damages can often spray water where it shouldn’t be going.  Any type of these problems are hazards and we will help you find them.

Mold resistant products are helpful as well.  Products like mold inhibiting paints for example.  Mold resistant drywall is another type of product to help make your home or business more mold resistant.

Proper ventilation is another preventative measure you can take. Properly ventilating kitchens, and bathrooms can make such daily routines like cooking and bathing more mold resistant.  Dehumidifiers help in our humid tropical paradise here in Florida as well.

Better air flow in your house can help improve your mold resistance as well.   We have filters for helping with your ac ventilation as well.  Without good airflow in your home or business the moisture can stick to the walls.  Even opening doors to increase circulation helps.

Keep water away from your home with proper irrigation, gutters and downspouts.  If you live on a sloped lot the potential for water in your home is greater.   Identify and take proper precautionary measures.

The most obvious is roof leaks. If you see a water spot on your ceiling don’t ignore it. It’s not going to go away. It’s probably a leak and if dealt with now can save you thousands later. 


Effective Mold Prevention Services

At Mold Doctor Pro, we empower our clients to enjoy clean indoor air in the months and years
ahead. While not all mold issues indoors can be prevented, many of them can be. Because moisture is essential for mold to grow, you can invest in an indoor dehumidifying system as a preventive step. Your HVAC system may keep humidity at bay, so you should run your system even on mild days. High outdoor humidity is common in the local area, so keeping the doors and windows closed may be helpful. In the bathrooms and laundry rooms, run the built-in ventilation system when these areas are in use. 
Various areas of your building may be exposed to moisture unintentionally. A roof leak and plumbing issues are some of the more common causes of indoor water issues. Periodically inspect your roof for signs of a leak, and schedule repair services at the first sign of damage. If you identify a water leak or another plumbing issue indoors, schedule repair service promptly. In addition, act quickly to dry out the property. In some cases, water remediation services may be needed to minimize the risk of mold growth. 


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