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mold inspections

Identify mold and assess wet areas for potential threats.


Actual lab testing to find out the type of mold if any.

mold prevention

We help you prevent mold and avoid potential hazards.

indoor air quality

We check the quality of the air in a building or structure. 


We dry and repair the water damaged area.

Mold Inspections and Indoor air quality testing

Dont put your health at risk get inspected now

mold inspections

using high tech industry tools

Mold is all around us.   Living with mold is a choice however.  If you value your health  and are suspicious you have a moisture problem that resulted in mold you owe it to yourself to have a complete test done by Mold Doctor Pro. We would love the opportunity to  come and assess your specific situation and and provide proper testing and then you will know for sure.

Ask yourself a few simple assessment questions:

  • Is there a damp and musty smell in the home or commercial building?
  • Can you see water damage signs anywhere, like a water leak?
  • Have any pipes or plumbing burst or become compromised?
  • Has the building had a leak of any type?
  • Has the building ever suffered sewer or sink leaks?
  • Have you had any known floods from a storm or broken pipes?
  • Is anyone at your home or business suffering from allergies or allergy like sypmtoms?




Outstanding service

100 % Customer satisfaction is our policy.  We strive to do business the good old fashioned way, by honesty and integrity.


On time promise

Mold Doctor Pro knows your time is valuable.  That’s why we have our on time promise.  We make it our priority to schedule a window of time that we honor.

Your Trusted Mold Experts

You cannot afford to take chances with your health and the health of others in the building. At the same time, you must do your part to keep your property well-maintained. Our mold experts at Mold Doctor Pro have received extensive training and have profound experience in the field. We only utilize high-quality equipment so that we can consistently deliver excellent results. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you are assured that your property is in the right hands when you call us for assistance.

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