mold inspections

mold inspections

Mold Inspection Services

Our mold inspection and mold testing services utilize our extensive understanding of mold  (black mold, as well as different molds) along with conditions conducive to mold growth in relation to construction structure, air quality, building moisture & air conditioning processes.

Mold in a home can be a serious problem as most of us know. If left untreated and  at dangerous levels mold can cause significant health related issues. Certain spores can lead to respiratory disease, serious allergic reactions and other health problems. Mold and mold growth (moisture related) can compromise the conditions in your home. Mold needs 3 things to thrive.

1. Moisture

2. Food Source

3. Warmth

A professional mold inspection from MOLD DOCTOR PRO can help identify if your structure has mold and/or help with a strategy to eliminate the problem.

A MOLD DOCTOR PRO mold inspection procedure begins with a visual scan of your home and its typical areas of risk. We do ask you to guide us to some areas you’re concerned with also. If mold is discovered visually, samples will be carefully removed from the region and delivered to a laboratory for testing. These samples are then examined for the existence of several distinct forms of molds. Other areas are analyzed for moisture content and samples again removed and sent to a laboratory for additional testing. If mold is diagnosed in your home, then we’ll inform you of the type from the results the give you a complete and solid plan for mold remediation.

The best time to confirm a suspected issue with indoor mold growth is as soon as possible. Our team is ready to respond to your request for a mold inspection promptly. During the inspection, we will comprehensively inspect the air throughout the building to identify the presence of mold spores. We will also inspect other questionable surfaces, such as around areas that have been exposed to moisture. 









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